Extreme Networks Oneview/NAC

I have finally made it back for another blog entry. I have been pretty busy at work getting ready for the start of the new semester. A few projects that I have been working on include wireless upgrades, multipath bgp, adding a third core, and spending time on documentation.  We are an Enterasys shop, now Extreme Networks. I know, I know, some of you are thinking who’s Enterasys? Well, we have been running their switching, routing, and wireless gear for quite some time now. I remember having equipment that still had the Cabletron label. Enterasys, now Extreme Networks does some pretty cool stuff, so I would recommend that you check them out. Especially if your into all-in-one tools to help assist you.

I figured I would give you a taste of what Extreme Networks Oneview has to offer. We just upgraded to version 5 and there are a lot of cool wireless features that have been added. Check it out.


The oneview web portal ties in the Extreme Networks EAC (extreme access control) stats piece as well. As soon as we get netflow going, we will be able to tie in user and netflow data together. Just to give you a little background on Extreme Networks NAC, we can basically apply up to L4 dynamic policy on any of our Extreme Networks edge switching and wireless devices. You can use 802.1x, MAC authentication, or even web registration. If you tie back into AD or LDAP, you can assign different policies based on group policies. You can even fire up the Extreme Networks NAC agent on machines and make sure everyone is up to date on windows updates, anti-virus, or any other service you want to check up on. If they are not compliant, you can just inform on that or you can deny traffic all together. It’s up to you.


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