Allot NetEnforcer ac-1440 basic commands

If your not familiar with Allot Communications then check out my introduction of the Allot netEnforcer

Here are a few commands that are good to know while working on the Allot NetEnforcer ac-1440 appliance.
According to the Allot documentation, the ac-1440 doesn’t collect external IP information by default. This means that when you run an “external hosts” report, you will have a graph with no data. In order to have your ac-1440 track external IP’s in its database, run the following command on the ac-1440:

This command turns external host collection on:
go config data_collect -no_ext_host disable

This command turns external host collection off:
go config data_collect -no_ext_host enable

Just a side note, allot only recommends that you enable this for debugging. I have a pretty beefy box, so I have left this setting enabled for months with no issues.


To force the NetEnforcer into bypass mode, run the following command in the ac-1440 console:
go config network -dev_mode system:bypass

To go back to active mode type:
go config network -dev_mode system:active

If you ever have an issue with disk space during an upgrade and don’t have root acccess, clean up your home directory. Without root access, you also have access to delete files from the following directory:

To verify that your policy is in place after an upgrade, run the following command:
go list pipes

Baud rate for Serial access to the ac-1440 is 19200. A cisco console cable will be required as well.

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