Brocade ICX 6610 – enabling ssh and a few other things…Part 2

It seems that this is one of the more popular posts, so I’ve compiled some more useful commands that can be used on the brocade ICX 6610. You can view my original brocade icx-6610 post here.

Here are a few pictures of an ICX multilayer switch. The 24 port version, ICX 6610-24 has 8 sfp+ and 24 10/100/1000 ports in the front. You also have an out of band ethernet port and your serial port in the front as well. In order to use some of the advanced features, you will need to purchase and apply additional lic’s.

In the rear of the 6610 series, you have 4 40Gbps stacking ports. You also have 2 power supply slots and 2 fan slots. They are redundant and hot-swappable. Depending on which power/fan option you buy, you could reverse the air flow.

Now back to the good stuff.

Use the following command to run a cable test from the brocade icx6610:
phy cable-diag tdr 1/1/1

Then run the following command to see the results of your test
show cable-diag tdr 1/1/1

The next set of commands will allow you to run optical diagnostics on your fiber mini gbic’s.
Note: You must be using brocade optics or optics that are brocade compatible to run the optical diagnostics commands.

First, run the following command in config mode to enable optical monitoring:
(config)# opical-monitor

Then run the next command with the proper port number:
show optic stackid/slot/port

Show port counters:
show statistics ethernet stackid/slot/port

Show additional stats, such as packets queued or dropped:
show interface ethernet stackid/slot/port

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