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Zenoss Core open source dashboard

network admin zenoss dashboard

We use zenoss core (open source) to monitor our devices. We have tried zabbix, nagios, and cacti, but Zenoss seems to be the easiest to manage and maintain. I can create custom snmp templates with thresholds that can overlay our rrd graphs. Zenoss also allows you to create email notification triggers based on the severity and threshold set on each graph template. You can see two of these custom graphs in the zenoss dashboard image above. I’m monitoring our wireless dhcp pools and each of the Enterasys Extreme N7 chassis slot CPU’s.

I also have weathermap installed on our linux server that’s also hosting zenoss and the link to the PNG file is placed on the zenoss dashboard. Weathermap is a nice open source network visualization tool. You can create a custom network map that will draw link speeds and colors based on rrd files. I set the weathermap config to point to the zenoss rrd files that can be located under each sub folder in the /opt/zenoss/perf/Devices main directory.


  • Hi mate I’m just testing if this recaptcha thing is just a tool to help google address numbers not detected via street view.
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  • Heck, it’s true (again), but only works by guessing what’s the number(s) that the google’s ocr didnt find, then putting some random number in that place.
    Sorry to annoy you, I have little time to prove my teory to colleagues, it’s faster to find some site with recaptcha, them make the test…
    Well let me properly comment at least:
    In my university datacenter we work with nagios a lot and observium(just for some small screens in our noc) now we are planning to change, probably zenoss core too, Does zenoss behave well in FreeBSD, there is a port for zenos by the way?

    • I haven’t used FreeBSD and zenoss. I currently use centOS. However, I have used freeBSD in the past for DNS/DHCP server and such. I would have to say that freeBSD is rock solid. I don’t see any reason to not use zenoss with FreeBSD. Thanks for checking on the captcha, haha.

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