Raspberry Pi network monitoring wifi Smokeping

I finally deployed my wireless raspberry pi network monitoring device at the edge of our wireless network. I installed the smokeping app on the raspberry pi with wheezy via apt-get. I already had a smokeping running on a Linux server, so I setup the raspberry pi to run smokeping in client mode.

Client mode allows the raspberry pi to pull the config from the smokeping server in order to know what tests to run. I setup some fping, DNS, and tcpping tests. This is a great way to test the client’s wireless experience (latency) on the other side of campus. I stuck the raspberry pi behind a bundle of cables to provide for additional attenuation to simulate a user in a worse case scenario. The AP was a few rooms away on a different floor as well. Here are some of the smokeping graphs:

raspberryPi Smokeping monitoring wifi latency

The line with the higher latency is the raspberry pi to google and the lower line is the latency from the smokeping server to google via fping in the picture above.

Here’s a longer term graph painted vi rrdtool by smokeping. There’s some packet loss going on over the wireless interface on the raspberry pi. I may have to move it to a better spot and see how the graphs look afterward. I also want to install iperf and maybe tshark as well.

RaspberryPi smokeping long term wifi latency

Here’s the command to get the raspberry pi running in client mode:

/usr/sbin/smokeping –master-url=http://yoursmokepingcgiurl.com/smokeping.cgi –cache-dir=/var/smokeping/ –shared-secret=/var/smokeping/secret.txt

I also had to modify the permissions in the /tmp/smokeping-ms/data/ folder on the server in order to allow the rrds to be modified by apache.

If you’re looking for a small free solution or larger scale paid solution, take a look at netbeez.net. I would recommend giving their NetBeez free tier model a try.



  • hi jisolis,
    i’d like to ask you about how to configure the smokeping in a client mode.
    Always get an error with secret.txt permission denied.
    could you please show me what file permission did you set for secret.txt ?
    So many thanks

    • Your probably getting that error because apache doesn’t have access to execute your secret.txt file. Try working with permissions on your secret.txt file.

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