Javier Solis

3 minute read

Around the table

I recently attended the Extreme Networks Midwest Roundtable event. These types of small events are good to attend as they promote great technical discussions, company vision, and product road-maps. It also gives current customers a chance to speak up about what features we are looking for in new products. It also allows interested potential customers to interact with real world current customers.

Here are some thoughts that I captured from the guest speakers:

How much do we as administrators spend on just maintaining our current infrastructure? – Dan Dulac How can we use IT to drive business outcomes? – Dan Dulac Here’s a good one. Netflix sucks when I tried using it on xyz’s network, therefore xyz sucks. Brand perception is highly important. – Dan Dulac

These discussions lead into Mike Lebovitz talking about Extreme Networks “Purview”. Purview is classified as an application intelligence device that allows you to see analytic data from your network.

Application visibility

In a nutshell, you get layer 7 visibility across your entire network. Granted you will need a specific line of Extreme Network switches to use it, but if you currently use Extreme Network’s gear I can see this as being another really useful tool. I’m still waiting to see if you will be able to enforce bandwidth/traffic shaping policies to edge ports based on L7 traffic. Some environments out there can benefit greatly about knowing what’s being used on their networks which ties into answering some of Dan Dulac’s questions above. We would benefit from the ability to shape our traffic in our current environment. We currently use an Allot Netenforcer which works great. However, this device sits and enforces at the border of our network and will need a periodic hardware refresh from time to time. If we could leverage Extreme Analytics with our existing Extreme Networks equipment and enforce closer to the edge ports that would be great.

Unified Extreme Networks Operating System

A few side notes to add were that Extreme Networks will be moving to a unified OS which will be the current Extreme OS or XOS. For those of you who don’t know, Extreme Networks recently purchased Enterasys. I’m excited to see the product merging that’s currently going on. The Enterasys dynamic policy (L2-L4 dynamic ACL) features will also be migrated to the Extreme line of equipment that can support it. Extreme Networks will also be building upon Enterasys Netsight, which is what we currently use to manage our network gear.

Overall the roundtable was a pretty neat event. It’s typically held in the fall around the downtown Milwaukee area for those who are interested in attending next year.