Javier Solis

2 minute read

EXOS in Nutanix CE

Now that I have my Nutanix CE lab setup, I wanted to get some of my virtual network operating systems installed within my home lab. One of the NOS’s I’ve been running is Extreme Networks virtual EXOS. My last EXOS-VM lived in Virtualbox and ESXi. Extreme Networks has a github page here with all the information you need to get started with running the VM within a Virtualbox or ESXi environment.

Issue and Solution with Nutanix

Following the EXOS installation guide using the downloadable iso and mimicking the Vmware/Virtualbox VM settings within Nutanix CE wouldn’t work. I kept receiving an issue with the disk not correctly detected while using the Nutanix CE hypervisor, so I started off with a fresh installation of EXOS via the iso within Virtualbox. Once I completed the installation within Virtualbox, I exported the VM and extracted the vmdk. I imported the vmdk into Nutanix using the Prism image configuration GUI utility.

image goes here

I then built a fresh VM with the proper specifications, mounted the imported image on an ide.0 disk and booted the VM within Nutanix. The disk was detected correctly and EXOS booted with no issues.

image goes here

I mapped the management interface to the first NIC on vlan0. I then added three NIC’s on an unused created VLAN in order prevent any loops. Unfortunately, Nutanix doesn’t have an option to disable or virtually unplug network adapters.

image goes here

You can set up a management IP on the virtual EXOS switch using the following EXOS command using the Nutanix Prism console:

#configure vlan mgmt ipaddress

Enabled ssh using the following EXOS command:

#enable ssh2

Don’t forget to save your configuration using the following command:

#save configuration

SSH into the EXOS virtual machine running in Nutanix CE from my workstation was successful, hooray! Now I can continue testing my virtual NOS’s. Next on the list is cumulus and openswitch. Due to the disk issues I experienced, I’ll start with a vmdk import of a working Virtualbox image for the next round of NOS deployments.