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Why is the Datsun 280ZX hated?

You’re searching for a Datsun Z car and you start to wonder why you can easily find a late 70s early 80s Datsun 280ZX. You soon realize that the prices aren’t too bad either. As you look closer, you realize that the front and rear bumper are HUGE. Then you tell yourself, I can get rid of those ugly bumpers, but you find that there isn’t a whole lot of aftermarket body kits for the 280ZX. In fact, the more you dig into the Datsun 280ZX you realize no one wants one.

However, research shows the Datsun 280ZX sales weren’t bad at all. Who wouldn’t want a Z car with power windows, power locks, air conditioning, t-tops, and a turbo option? How could you go wrong? But some just can’t get over those bumpers, the additional weight, and a very distinct format change from previous beloved Z cars.

So I picked up a 280ZX myself and realized how the world despised and hated the Datsun 280ZX after the fact. That didn’t stop me though. I was looking to get my 280ZX Turbo to a state of daily drivability and potentially track/shred readiness.

For those looking to rid yourselves of those bumpers, I did some hunting and found some fantastic looking Datsun 280ZX bumper delete designs:

Brandon Wargo’s Datsun 280ZX Custom 2ATZ Build

Skillard Datsun 280ZX Rear Bumper Mod Kit

My ongoing Datsun 280ZX Build YouTube Playlist

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