Transitioning to Management

My previous IT roles have revolved around the administration of different technologies,  specifically networking technologies.  However, I’ve always had the willingness to perform any other job functions as needed.  That’s lead me to learn all types of new things such as tower climbing, billing, phone support, inventory tracking, training, and the list goes on.  At my current employment, I started as a network administrator. I moved into a network supervisor position within three years, then was asked to serve as an interim supervisor for another area through a merger.  I’m now the supervisor of networking and infrastructure.

Transitioning from a network administrator to a supervisor isn’t always a breeze.  When you’ve spent lots of time administering systems, you become ingrained into build, Continue reading »

What happens in Mexico, saves Mexico

I just had an opportunity to go on my first mission’s trip to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico for a week with seven members of the church I attend. We were invited and led by Mission Explosion International. We planned to visit and help out a local Church of Christ in Playa Del Carmen. Our goals consisted of going out in the neighborhood to promote a clinic check that would be hosted in the local Church building. The clinic sessions included checking blood pressure and sugar levels along with hosting VBS (vacation bible school) days as well. We also planned to hand out Spanish Mission soccer balls.


We ended up doing 3 days of clinic work, 2 days of children outreach, one day of men’s and women’s bible study, and our Evangelical guide preached on Sunday. The trip was amazing. We had lots of fellowship, outreach, teaching, and preaching going on all lead by God and His spirit. If you ever have an opportunity to go on a mission’s trip, please pray diligently and seek God’s guidance in the matter. I found out that I was way more capable through Christ than I ever imagined. In the end, the culture, language, and the income levels may be different, but the people are no different than us in the fact that they need God and Jesus Christ just like we do.


Thank you to Rusty, Audrey, Jordan, and Kylee!!! I will never forget my first mission’s trip to Mexico.


Woe to McAfee ePO

I’ve been able to get my hands dirty with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. It all starts with our Enterasys NAC solution. We push the enterasys NAC agent out to windows via gpo. We then check for core software components to stay compliant with security policies. One of the products we check for is antivirus. The NAC agent checks the Microsoft security center via WMI in order to check for McAfee. We then generate reports on which clients do not have antivirus installed, not running, or that are not up to date.


EPO then allows us to get McAfee up to date with latest dats, patches, and policy settings. The starting point for this to work is making sure that the McAfee agent is properly installed and running. I was recently given full admin access to check in with ePO to get things compliant. The first issue I ran into was that some machines were in the unmanaged state. After checking these machines, I found that they had the latest McAfee agent installed, but the agent was failing to pull info from ePO. I decided to assign a client task to force the McAfee agent to be re-installed on these machines. One of of the McAfee docs said that this wasn’t the best method, but after the agent was re-installed, the machines came back into the managed state. I was then able to push the latest version of McAfee and dat files.

The next issue I ran into was that some machines looked fine in ePO, but showed all zeros for the dat. The agent on the client would just fail when trying to get the new dat. I fixed this by just manually installing the latest dat and then I was able to push the new dat from ePO the next day. This is just a bandaid for now, but I’ll continue to dig further.

All in all, ePO seems to be a great product, even with the issues I’m running into. Its one of those things were you just need to dedicate time to. You can get away with creating auto tasks for updates, but you have to stay on top of it. After all, antivirus performance significantly degrades in catching things if its not consistently being updated.

Interop here I come!

I am on my way to Interop which is being held in Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know about Interop, it’s defined as ” an independently organized conference and exhibition designed to empower information technology professionals to make smart business decisions.” -Interop

Vendors from all over the board will be there. This will be my first time attending and I will be posting updates on the event, so stay tuned!

My first day will include 2 workshops:

“Advanced wireshark” and “A structured approach to Network Troubleshooting”